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At Hatching, our vision is to create a more compassionate world by helping people live with more self-worth, curiosity, and forgiveness. 

We believe we will transform the world by helping people and organizations develop the skills and mindsets to #LiveBetter and #WorkBetter.

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Holá and welcome to the Hatching Community! My name is José Ocaño and I’m the founder and CEO of Hatching, where our vision is to create a compassionate world where people live with more self-worth, curiosity, and forgiveness.

We believe we will transform the world by helping people develop the skills and mindsets to #LiveBetter and #WorkBetter. We call this transformation, “Hatching”.

For a long time, my own self-worth and identity was rooted in what I did and produced. Like so many of us, I sacrificed my own wellbeing and needs in order to feel like I was making an impact. I found myself burned out, unmotivated, and ready for a change. 

 And I know I’m not alone. Workforces are shifting-organizations and companies are having to evolve in order to attract and retain employees. The answer: Intentional personal and professional development that produces inclusive organizational cultures where people feel inspired and motivated to work.

This is where Hatching comes in. Throughout my career, I have dedicated myself to preserving and promoting the human-animal bond by identifying and refining a framework that has enabled me and my teams to become more impactful, connected, and compassionate. We refer to this framework as the Hatching Ethos. These interconnected practices not only serve as the values of our company, but they are also the foundation of our approach.

Below are the seven Hatching Ethos we live by:

Hire Us

At Hatching, we help people and organizations #LiveBetter and #WorkBetter in four ways:

  1. Hatching Hour: Discover your best life by joining our FREE online gathering filled with meaningful conversations, expert insights, and actionable wisdom. 

  2. We work with companies and organizations, offering consultations and advisement to teams on how to establish systems and cultures that center the employee experience as a catalyst for driving results.

  3. We offer individual and group coaching for people like you looking to gain valuable insights, develop new perspectives, and acquire the skills necessary to thrive in both your personal and professional life. ​​​

  4. Speaking engagements, employee retreats and workshops both in-person and online.

  5. We provide onsite interim leadership for animal welfare organizations.

At Hatching, we are dedicated to unlocking your potential by leveraging your lived experiences as the ultimate source of wisdom. Whether you are an individual seeking to cultivate greater peace, confidence, and well-being, or an organization aiming to foster heightened motivation, connection, and productivity within your workforce, we are committed to supporting you on your journey. Our unique ethos is rooted in our belief that we will change the world by changing the ways we relate to ourselves and our work.

Hatching Hour Financial 2/27/24:
Healing Your Relationship with Money

Hatching Hour 12/21/23:
The Art of Deep Listening: Sensing the World D

Hatching Hour 11/1/23:
Beyond Burnout: Cultivating Compassion for a Happier, Healthier Workplace

Hatching Hour 10/11/23:
The Power of Mindset: Choosing Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions

Hatching Hour 9/6/23:
Intro to Hatching and #LiveBetter with
Self-Compassion through Meditation

Discover Your Best Life at Hatching Hour: Meaningful Conversations, Lasting Change with José Ocaño, CEO of Hatching and Angel Guzmán, COO of Hatching.


⁠Hatching is your community that will enrich your life, personally and professionally. Our online gatherings serve up expert insights, compelling stories, and actionable wisdom to help you #LiveBetter and #WorkBetter. 

Dive deep into transformative #mindsets, tap into your potential, and chart your journey towards a life filled with intention and more compassion.


Elevate, inspire, transformation. 

Thank you for your support and we hope you subscribe to view upcoming videos. 

to be announced soon!

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portrait of Fresno Deputy City Manager, Alma Torres

Hatching, and its principal consultant José Ocaño was highly recommended for a critical time sensitive transition project that required an unbiased assessment for animal sheltering. He did not disappoint!


José was respectful, approachable, motivational, and very charismatic in his interactions with stakeholders.  His in-depth assessment is helping craft a solid foundation for a successful community centered animal services operation that will positively impact the lives of Fresno pets and their people.

Alma Torres

Deputy City Manager

City of Fresno, CA

staycee dains headshot for website.jpg

"I knew I was going to need a special kind of help and support in taking on a new work role. It would be the most challenging role of my career, and of course, the first person that I thought of to help me transition and grow with grace and who could be the most helpful, the most supportive, the most creative and the most honest with me was José.


I reached out to him and he tailored a plan specific to my goals. I have been able to not only continue to maintain my authentic self at work, but to be more effective than I ever have been in my entire career. Because of our work together, I am living better, and working better than I ever have. Hatching is helping me soar."

Staycee Dains
General Manager

Los Angeles Animal Services


José is one of the most thoughtful, innovative leaders I have met. His dedication, compassion, and advocacy are unparalleled; he sees the best in people and uplifts their strengths and talents.


Working with José has elevated my work, challenging me to stay grounded and centered in purpose and empathy. I am a better person because of José's partnership and support.

Allison Cardona 
California State Director

UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program


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